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The latest Internship Opportunities

This site is where we post internship opportunities that you can apply for now. The most recent internships are listed first. Scroll down through a few pages to see all your options, and check back regularly to see what new opportunities are available.


IMPORTANT: English+ Credit

In order to get academic internship or English + credit for any of these opportunities, students must first meet with the internship coordinator, and be enrolled in an on-internship course. Please contact the internship coordinator (Trina Harding, trina_harding@byu.edu, 801-422-8489) for more information or to set up a meeting.

  • Want to Intern for a Fortune 500 Company this Semester? Without leaving Provo?

    BYU On-Campus Internships offers a low-hassle way to get involved in important projects for major national companies. Organized through the Marriott School, On-Campus Internships (or OCIs) put you to work for major company or organization working in teams of 5. Project include everything from strategy recommendations to social entrepreneurship. The corresponding course (Bus M 494R) gives… Read more »

  • Writing & Research and General Marketing Internships with Christensen & Hymas Law Firm

    Christensen & Hymas, a Utah law firm, are offering internships this fall in writing/research and general marketing. Both are open to English and humanities students. You can find information about each internships position in the links below. Writing and Research Internship: https://www.christensenhymas.com/about-us/internships/writing-research-internship/ General Marketing Internship: https://www.christensenhymas.com/about-us/internships/general-marketing-internship/ Other information to know For the writing internship, the firm compensates… Read more »

  • Goldman Sachs Looking for Diverse Students (of all majors) to Attend Special SLC Events

    Students looking to leverage their creativity and critical thinking into a financial services career will get a leg up by participating in Goldman Sachs Insight Day and the 2015 Discover GS regional camp. They are looking for students of particular racial backgrounds and women as they seek to diversify their workforce. Information from their recruitment… Read more »

  • Add “Professional” to Your Portfolio with Internship Opportunities at Eli Kirk

    Eli Kirk is a local creative agency and brand management firm that is quickly growing its national reach and impact. They need several interns this fall to help them manage their growing list of clients. A successful intern can write, and editing skills are a plus. Interns can expect to work closely with expert mentors… Read more »

  • Hope4Utah Needs a Great Writing/Editing Intern for Major Expansion

    Nine years ago, Hope4Utah began as a local nonprofit focused on improving suicide prevention in local schools. As a result of their training and volunteer efforts they coordinate, there have been 0 suicides in the Provo district in those past 9 years. They now coordinate efforts in 170 schools and between 5,000 volunteers. Now, Hope4Utah… Read more »

  • Script Analyst Position at Mobile Coach

    Mobile Coach, a firm that uses mobile phones to reinforce employee training and goals, is hiring a script analyst for their Provo-based writing team. You can find more details, including a detailed job description and requirements, here. The position pays $10/hr. Once you get the job, set up some time to talk to us by… Read more »

  • Consulting, Marketing, Sales, and Market Research Internships at Surgefront

    Surgefront, a local strategic consulting firm based in Orem, UT, is looking for a wide range of interns. These positions are styled as educational opportunities targeted towards students with an interest in becoming business leaders. The positions are unpaid and require a minimum of 20 hrs/week. There are four internship types currently listed: Surgefront Associate… Read more »

  • Content Writing Internship at Entrata

    Entrata, a property management software company located in Lehi, UT, is looking for a content writing intern. In addition to providing training for the position, Entrata offers interns a $500 gas stipend and flexible scheduling. Prospective interns work with the company to create a schedule of 4-20 hrs/week. Additionally, you maybe interested to know that… Read more »

  • Salt Lake Magazine Fall 2015 Internships

      Salt Lake magazine is currently interviewing student for their fall 2015 internship. They are looking for interns in editorial, marketing, graphic design, and photography and specifically reached out to find BYU humanities students. The internship requires 12 hrs/week and is unpaid. Email byuenglishinternships@gmail.com for an application and further instructions, or go to the magazine’s… Read more »

  • wallaroo

    Fall Content Writing Internship at Wallaroo Media

    Walleroo Media here in Provo is looking for fall content writing interns. This position requires 20 hrs/week and is unpaid. Interns will participate in brainstorming sessions to develop engaging written and interactive content for a variety of clients. They will also help create and distribute content pieces to drive traffic and customers to those clients…. Read more »