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English Department Internships for BYU Students


How Can I Apply for a College Internship Grant?

To apply or to view the application, click here. If you haven’t contacted Professor Petersen about your internship, make sure she knows about it and you in case there are any questions about your application.

Here is the link to the College of Humanities funding page. Scroll down to see the internships section:

BYU English majors and minors who have an internship may apply for a stipend ($500-2,000) through the English department. In-state interns may apply for the $500 stipend, national interns for the $1,000 stipend, and international interns for the $2,000 stipend. These are for semester-long internships; term interns may receive half of the amounts listed.

If you are unsure whether or not you qualify for the stipend, we encourage you to apply. You may also email the internship coordinator at with any questions.

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