BYU English Internships

English Department Internships for BYU Students


International Internships

Interested in doing a BYU internship outside the U.S.? Click below to find out more about internship in the UK, Baltic states, and Portugal!


4699298Internship with the Wordsworth Trust at Dove Cottage, William Wordsworth’s historic home in Grasmere, England

Click here for the 411 on the Wordsworth Trust.








Internship at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, Scotland

Click here for the 411 on the Scottish Parliament.



Interested in taking the road less traveBaltic Picled? Through a partnership with international universities, you can do an internship in one of the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania). With low cost of living, visa-free travel, and the ability to almost complete a European Studies minor, this is a great option for the internationally-minded adventurer. More information here.

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