BYU English Internships

English Department Internships for BYU Students


How to Find Internships

Where Should I Look To Find Internship Opportunities?


International Study Programs

NATO (IS/IMS, Defence College, SHAPE, HQ LC, ACT, NCI Agency) Internship Programmes

European Affairs Jobsite

The Association of European Chambers of Commerce

German Marshall Fund

U.S. Commercial Service

click “Locations” under the “Customized Services” tab. Then click the “Find” tab under “International Offices” to search whether internships are offered in your chosen country

U.S. State Department

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant program

American Chamber of Commerce

World Trade Centers Association


International Monetary Fund

United Nations

National Security Agency

OECD Internship Programme


Washington Seminar

Internship Office

On Campus

On Campus Internship

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