Christensen and Hymas

Christensen & Hymas, a Utah law firm, are offering internships this fall in writing/research and general marketing. Both are open to English and humanities students.

You can find information about each internships position in the links below.

Writing and Research Internship:

General Marketing Internship:

Other information to know

  • For the writing internship, the firm compensates $1000 and will reimburse up to $800 of tuition associated with getting credit for the internship.
  • Interns will need to work at least one day/wk at the firm’s Draper location and a total of 16 hrs/week.
  • For the marketing internship, the firm compensates $1500 and a similar tuition reimbursement.
  • Interns will need to work 2 days/week in office. The days are flexible.


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