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Future House Publishing Internships

Future House Publishing interns will get hands on experience with all the steps of the publishing, including acquisitions, editing, layout, marketing, and distribution. They will also be given opportunities to attend local writer’s conferences and Comic Cons on behalf of Future House. Internship hours are flexible to account for school and work schedules, but interns are expected to spend about fifteen hours a week in the office. There will be a weekly meeting that interns are encouraged, but not required, to attend on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 3:00. Priority will be given to applicants with copy editing, InDesign, MailChimp, email marketing, or WordPress experience.


Interested students should email a resume to Please specify which dates you are interested in interning for. We can be flexible with your schedule, but we do expect interns to complete at least four months due to the amount of training involved.


byuenglishinternships • April 13, 2017

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