BYU English Internships

English Department Internships for BYU Students


Technical Writer Needed at Domo

Domo, a local computer software company, is in need of technical writers to join their staff. This is a paid, part-time position with a flexible schedule. Click here for information about the position, and here for the application itself.


BYU SIP Internships

BYU offers several on-campus internships. These internships employ several BYU students who work together in small groups to aid in a wide array of projects. Click here for current project openings, and here for the OCI website. After applying, immediately contact Dr. Jamie Horrocks to ensure credit is received through the English Department.


Student Journal Fair This Friday

The Student Journal Fair is this Friday, from 11 AM to 3 PM in 3290 WSC. This is an opportunity to become familiar with student journals on campus and find out how you can become a staff member or submit materials for publication. Don’t miss out!

life sciences building

Freelance Writer for the College of Life Sciences

The College of Life Sciences is looking for a freelancers who can help write and edit articles for their biannual magazine. This is a paid position with a 5-10 hour commitment per week. Click here for more information about the publication and application requirements.


Brand New Year, Brand New Blog

Hello, there! The internship blog for the BYU English department has migrated to this brand new web address, complete with a BYU domain! (We’re feeling very official.) Please note that all internship updates will appear on this website, and the previous blog will no longer be┬ákept current. All relevant information has been uploaded here, but…

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