In order to receive academic credit (or English + credit) for an experience, you must be enrolled in ENGL 399R, the English internship course, WHILE you are on internship.

399R and is taught by Danny Damron, the Humanities College Internship Coordinator. It consists of reports and tasks that highlight skills you should be developing as you professionalize yourself in an internship. For more information about the course content, contact Dr. Damron (, 801-422-2448).

To add this course, you will need to obtain internship pre-approval from Trina Harding, the English Department Internship Coordinator (, 801-422-8489). Then you will fill out an IRAMS form available on the BYU Internship Office’s website (go the Student menu, then click Student Internship Application). For international internships, schedule an appointment with Trina Harding or the advising faculty for the particular internship to walk through the process.