Rising Up Together empowers youth & families to connect, find purpose, & build resilience for life! We are offering student internships for college students and believe these students will have a powerful impact on youth throughout the world! An internship at Rising Up Together will give interns a first-rate experience to help them develop skills, acquire knowledge, and become successful leaders in their community.

We are looking for student interns to help in the following areas:

  • Psychology, social work, counseling, and/or related degrees.
  • Marketing, graphic designing, web designing, programming, photography, and/or related degrees.
  • Business, human resources, accounting, financial philanthropy, fundraising, recreation management, non-profit, and/or related degrees.
  • Business writing, grant writing, English, and/or related degrees.
  • Research, data analytics, surveying and/or related degrees.
  • Community Outreach

We offer all student interns the hours needed to grant them school credit and a very fulfilling internship that will empower youth & families to connect, find purpose, and build resilience for life!

Learn more and apply at https://risinguptogether.org/student-internships

Written by trinah