Let’s Talk Sis is looking for interns and is hoping to start interviewing immediately. Alexis and Chanté—in addition to being mothers, wives, activists, public/motivational speakers—are the creators of @letstalk_sis where they have created an Instagram platform to bring awareness to difficult topics, specifically race, diversity, and inclusion, and to promote dialogue and initiate positive change. They are committed to making change through connection and humanity one conversation at a time. 

Alexis and Chanté have shared passions and goals and have worked together and supported each other through the years. Alexis, whose degree and background is in sociology, and Chante, whose degree and background is in psychology, have spent the past twenty years advocating for youth in a variety of platforms including education, empowerment, safety, leadership, career development, and self-esteem. They work with local leaders and parents in finding ways and changing policy to make schools and communities safer. They have both, at different times, been presenters at the National US Department of Education Annual Conference in Washington, DC, acted as facilitators on the Annual International Youth Exploring Solutions Forum, and worked with international boards on youth leadership and safety.

If you are interested in working with these amazing women, please apply using the link below:


Written by trinah