During the pandemic our small International Publishing House was impacted as we had limitations to what we could do with travel restrictions. We only sell and distribute internationally and the best means to secure these distribution options is in person.

We are now looking to begin where we left off at the end of 2019 with many projects. Our small International Publishing House is heading to Europe this semester and we will be headed to Asia and the Middle East beginning of 2022. We are looking to hire a research assistant. We pay between $12 – 15 per hour, depending on experience. It would be a temporary position during October and November with the possibility to continue through December. It is about 20 hours per month. 

We are looking for someone who has a keen eye for research and the ability to create and build spreadsheet data (meaning they know how to use excel). We can train this individual yet having experience building google spreadsheets and doing in-depth research would be helpful. 

Interested students can email: livingstonwriters@gmail.com and send us your resume. 

Written by trinah