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Apply by October 15, 2021

Salary: $20/hr

Gabb Wireless is searching for excellent writers to contribute toward our Parent Resources initiative. Interns will work between 12-20 hours per week and will research issues relevant to kids and safe tech. Writers will be expected to produce 3-4 articles per week. Writing will be attributed to the intern individually and in some cases collaboratively.


  • Current Juniors or Seniors majoring or minoring in English, Social Work, Sociology, or Psychology
  • Strong research skills and access to a scholarly data base
  • Fluent writing that can adopt an authoritative, academic, and empathetic voice
  • Ability to seek and receive feedback and make adjustments as necessary
  • Committed to our mission of helping families thrive in the digital age

Detailed Description:

Gabb Wireless is a telecommunication company who provides safe technology and devices for kids. We are looking for three writers who can create pieces for our Parent Resource Content Library which will be featured on our website and will have the potential to impact countless families. Our company is growing rapidly and our mission resonates deeply with parents, educators, and all stakeholders who value the raising of healthy and resilient children. Our writers are tasked with creating pieces that synthesize peer-reviewed literature as it addresses all things safe tech for kids. Each piece is between 1000-2000 words and as the creator, you would also be considering visual rhetoric as we anticipate most of our readers will consume the content in mobile view. We are striving for an authoritative, academic tone, but also a voice of compassion and empathy. We are here to empower families to thrive in the digital age. The position is contract and sits at $20/hour. Writers will work remotely 10-20 hours/week and be asked to produce 2-3 articles per week. Each article will go through an editing process and will be returned for revisions as needed. The position has the potential to become more permanent as we grow. Writers would be named as authors of each piece. Next year, we hope to begin our own research, and content writers will be an integral part of that endeavor.

Written by trinah