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JOB ID: 98932 (find job posting and apply at https://yjobs.byu.edu/)

Date Posted: 07/21/2021

Openings: 2

Start date: 08/13/2021

Shift: Flexible

Hourly Wage: 14.50

Technical Writer

The Office of Information Technology at BYU hires Technical Writers to create and manage content for various purposes within an app development team. As a writer, you would edit content for grammar and tone, write and deliver product documentation, take meeting notes, collect action items, and otherwise assist in product development. Technical Writers are advocates for the needs of the customer, and help a team prioritize end-user communication.
We are looking for someone willing to work 35-40 hrs/week during spring and summer terms, and 15-20 hrs/week during fall and winter terms, with preference given to applicants who are not graduating before 2022. Employees set their own schedule.
*The User Experience Team is currently working in a hybrid of Remote and In-Office work.

Required Skills:
Experience editing and revising in a professional manner
Able to work both in teams and independently
Working knowledge of English grammar and style guides
Skilled in receiving and implementing criticism
Fabulous people skills
Comfortable using computers, cloud storage and apps
Can quickly learn new software and products

Beneficial Skills: 
A background of customer service
Interest in project management or application development
Skills in editing and prototyping software (such as Adobe Suite products)

Technical Writing Challenge: 
Below are instructions for completing a technical writing challenge. This challenge offers each applicant a fair and equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills. The challenge is a mandatory portion of the application.

Edit the website copy about social media security to improve grammar, clarity, and conciseness. The copy can be found here:
Your Audience: BYU students, faculty, and employees interested in staying safe online
Your Deadline: Friday, August 6th by 5:00 PM
Other Considerations: Website copy is often skimmed, so it is essential to keep the copy as short as possible while preserving the important Information. Consider how the information will be consumed by and displayed to the audience. The BYU Office of IT follows the Chicago Manual of Style.

Submission Instructions:
Send your edited document to uxoit@byu.edu on 8/6/21 by 5:00 PM with your completed file attached (.doc or .pdf).
File should have track changes showing.
Early submissions will not be given special preference.
In the body of the email message, please provide a brief explanation of the process you went through to edit the document and the decisions you made.

Thank you for your interest in this position. We are very excited to see what everyone comes up with.

*We recommend that you don’t spend longer than 2 hours on this project.

All submissions are due by Friday, August 6th at 5:00 PM. Please email your edited document, a cover letter, and your resume to uxoit@byu.edu with the subject title “Technical Writing Challenge.” You may also use that email for any questions about the Design Challenge.

Written by trinah