On-Campus Internships can qualify for English+ credit. Contact the Internship Coordinator for more information (trina_harding@byu.edu).

Students have the opportunity to participate in an on-campus internship through the Marriott School, where they will work as part of a team completing a project for a company or organization, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Available projects can be review here: https://marriott.byu.edu/explearn/apply/projects?cid=3&sem=FALL&year=2021.

In addition to registering for the class in AIM/MyMAP students need to submit an OCI application at http://oci.byu.edu. Teams will be formed the first week of August, but students can still sign up through September 1st for projects that are available at the time they apply.

There are no fees collected from companies/organizations for these projects.  It is an experiential learning opportunity for the students to get professional-level experience.  Students will find the course gives them real-world experience, builds a stronger résumé, allows them to enhance their education by applying the principles learned in class, and helps them land a job or full-time internship.  The projects we provide are open to all undergraduates across campus and have resulted in high satisfaction from both the companies and students.

There are a few things important to understand:

  1. All students will benefit from an OCI regardless of the company as there is an opportunity to develop competencies required in all careers.  These include:
    1. Dealing with Ambiguity
    2. Negotiation
    3. Communication
    4. Teamwork and Team Dynamics
    5. Business Research
    6. Project Management
    7. Executive Presentations and Reporting
    8. Resilience/Grit
  2. While the class only meets 6 times during the semester, it is a 3-credit graded class; so students are required to meet as teams 2-3 times per week and contribute 7 ½ to 9 hours of work each week.
  3. Team assignments and access to online course work is sent out two weeks before classes begin.  Students may not add the class after September 2nd.
  4. In general, students assigned to Fortune 500 projects are required to have completed at least one previous OCI.  So students that get started now not only gain experience and strengthen their résumé, they also set themselves up for a potential Fortune 500 project in future semesters.

Written by trinah