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JOB ID: 94556

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Hourly Wage: $12

Assistant Podcast Producer for Constant Wonder on BYUradio


Description of Duties

Producers will be responsible for working with teams to develop, research, and deliver live or pre-recorded programming. Brainstorm, pitch, find guests, and research and write content for radio/podcast that covers a wide range of material, from world history to NASA to wild animals. The job is fun but fast-paced. Students work with high degree of autonomy, but also accountability. Typically students in this position work 15 hours a week. Pay is $12/hour. Shifts are flexible.

Skills and Qualifications

Exceptional writing skills; Eagerness to work in a creative, fast-paced environment and meet deadlines; Immersion in current events and ideas; Avid listener of radio podcasts and programs; Good organizational skills; An ability to create successful project from concept to completion; Good interpersonal skills; A sense for what makes a good story; An ability and a willingness to take direction.

Application Instructions

Submit cover letter, resume & writing sample to eric.schulzke@byu.edu.

Written by trinah