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Rising Up Together, a new non-profit organization that is helping youth across the nation, overcome anxiety, depression, and many challenges of life.

Student Internships

Role Description

We are looking for student interns to help in the following areas:
  • Psychology, social work, counseling, health professions, doctors, and/or related degrees.
  • Marketing, graphic designing, web designing, programming, photography, and/or related degrees.
  • Business, accounting, financial philanthropy, fundraising, recreation management, non-profit, and/or related degrees.
  • Business writing, grant writing, English, and/or related degrees.
  • Research, data analytics, surveying and/or related degrees.
We offer all student interns the hours needed to grant them school credit and a very fulfilling internship that will change and save the lives of youth everywhere, giving everyone a happier, safer, and much brighter future.
Rise Up if you are interested in being a student intern or in offering your students this excellent opportunity to intern with Rising Up Together!

Curriculum Developer Internship

Create lesson plans, share research and insights that you believe will empower youth, learn how to measure and perform case studies, meet with professors, teachers, administrators, psychologists, and other professionals to learn competencies that will empower youth to connect, find purpose, and build resilience for life!

Researcher Internship

Researchers will be given a subject to study that will relate to empowering youth for life to overcome mental illness and write a thesis.

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