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National Geographic Society is looking for passionate and enthusiastic students to join our internship program this summer. The program will be 100% remote.
Your Story Matters
You Bring the Yellow Border to Life
We are not all the same. It is our differences that make the National Geographic Society, and our world, a better place. We embrace each person’s identity, experiences, and abilities, and we commit to cultivating an environment where everyone benefits from opportunity, mutual respect and a sense of belonging. We all have a story to tell. When we share and celebrate our stories, the yellow border comes to life.
Our Purpose
The National Geographic Society pushes the boundaries of exploration to further our understanding of our planet and empower us all to generate solutions for a healthier and more sustainable future.
Who can be an intern?
An intern should be a student enrolled at an accredited College or University. The intern will perform work on a temporary basis to gain job-related skills and will engage in other formal learning and educational opportunities.
Program Dates
·      Start Date: June 7, 2021 (no exceptions)
·      End Date: August 6, 2021
·      Deadline to apply: March 19, 2021
Please visit our intern portal to learn more about the program, opportunities and to apply.
A few of the internships most applicable to English majors:

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