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Details: Non-paid
Term: Flexible
Schedule: Flexible: Students will volunteer by project. The hours will be flexible and can be temporary or more permanent by semester as desired by the student. USDB is a 501 ©(3) nonprofit. Your work here may also qualify as volunteer hours if desired.
Locations: You may chose to work remotely or you may work from our locations, Ogden 742 Harrison Blvd, or SLC, 1655 East 3300 South, or Springville.
You may select your preferred assignments from a variety of tasks:
  1. Produce a moving graphic map of Utah that can be used in a video. Video from various towns will come from those points on the map to full screen.
  2. Assist the PR team with office tasks such as updating email lists and updating the website.
  3. Assist Photographer/Videographer – participate in two camera shoots for videos and live social media events. Transcribe, or log, video interviews, select soundbites, produce social media posts if desired. On occasion help carry and set up camera gear and lighting equipment.
  4. Assist Communications Director – Support efforts to produce a weekly newsletter, weekly social media posts, and frequent video production. Other duties as assigned that support the needs of a fast-paced communications team to support the outreach efforts of amazing schools and programs personalized for students who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired, and deaf-blind.
  5. Become a PR/reporter. We’ll send you to meet outstanding teachers or students. Using social distancing and health recommendations, you can use your phone to interview them, take pictures of them, and produce/edit video success stories that we will share on social media and you may share in your personal portfolio for future job seeking efforts, if you desire.
  6. Social Media Management Experience: Analyze our social media presence. Make recommendations for improvements. Track activity. Estimate a publicity value for social media posts. We’ll give you the ingredients: pictures, video, wording, and you can share input if desired and create the posts.
Experience: Students will gain experience working in a communications department, assisting efforts in public relations using multiple modalities including video, social media, graphic design if desired, and USDB’s website. Student will arrange credits through their university or college. The USDB Communications Team will complete all forms necessary to support your ability to gain credit from this work experience. USDB will ensure you are given meaningful tasks that will boost your employment skills and help build your resume for future years to come.

Written by trinah