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The right word is worth a thousand ideas.
Every business needs a story. And we need a storyteller. As a writing intern at Adobe, you will craft a variety of stories across email, landing pages, blog articles, and social media. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about words and narrative structure.
You’ll also have to translate complex technology features into simple and easy-to-understand customer benefits. And you’ll have to make sure that everything you write is on brand, on topic, and connects emotionally to our audience.
At Adobe, we believe that everyone is creative, and we want to empower businesses to build outstanding customer experiences. The role of a writer is essential in presenting not just technical details, but also passion, opportunity, and ideas that will improve the world.
You will work with other writers and designers on the enterprise studio team. We are responsible for the creative execution of all marketing programs for Adobe Experience Cloud. This includes both editorial content as well as video and web experiences.

Responsibilities include:

  • Writing headlines, body copy, customer stories, web pages, editorial and promotional content, event promotion, and video scripts.
  • Editing and proofreading content to ensure it’s consistent with the Adobe brand.
  • Helping coordinate and streamline messaging across our business.

Intangible benefits include:

  • Hands-on experience building content and an incredible creative brand.
  • A deeper understanding of marketing technology, analytics, content delivery, and Adobe products. As you write, you’ll learn to become a specialist in the digital marketing industry.
  • A creative and friendly environment where ideas and the craft of writing are nurtured.
  • Exposure to new creative methods and skills through weekly creative workshops.

Intern requirements:

  • Enrolled in an accredited university with at least one year remaining before graduation.
  • Proficient skills in Microsoft Word, English grammar, and sentence structure.
  • A passion for writing and desire to improve in style, skill, and storytelling.
  • Ability to hit deadlines and balance multiple writing projects.
This is an outstanding opportunity for an internship, and we’re excited to work with someone who has a unique perspective and background—so we can expand the diverse thinking of our writing team.


Written by trinah