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Role Description

Candidates will demonstrate a passion for hosting and enjoy working with talent and business executives in a small friendly, startup environment. A strong candidate will want to develop experience in audio content development and/or production for TV or live events. Candidates will execute the day-to-day coordination and production of the series, work closely with business owner guests and their teams, and communicate effectively to ensure the successful completion and launch of unscripted shows hosted by the Candidate. Responsibilities include hosting, managing the production , sourcing guests, and managing the production and casting process. We’re looking for someone who has an ear for good audio, superb intriguing and insightful business acumen and judgment, great people skills, and a love for the big and small details that make for excellent interviewer.
The Daily
  • Work to ensure that all shows are original, highly entertaining, produced to a high professional standard.
  • Ensure that all shows are produced and distributed on time and on budget, providing the best possible service to the audience, the talent, and any production and business partners.
  • Track the production at all stages of production, and flag any potential issues or changes.
  • Organize and set up podcast room, including scheduling the physical space and working closely with management to process guest invitations.
  • Host the podcast, including preparing insightful questions to produce and interesting show.
  • Scout the most interesting company owners, founders and CEOs of interesting businesses.
  • Coordinate studio sessions to ensure guests have a great experience recording with us.
  • Work to support opportunities for cross promotion both within and outside of the network.
  • Collaborate closely with management to increase awareness of content and talent.
The Essentials
  • Desire to get experience in audio content development and/or production for podcasts, radio, TV or live events
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong preference for candidates that want to gain experience in working in the business genre
  • Desire to gain experience working collaboratively with high performing CEO’s and business owners
  • Understanding of emerging, digital-first media models
  • A passion for creating excellent, entertaining content
  • Must be creative, possess excellent interpersonal skills, and have the ability to multi-task
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to meet all deadlines and work independently

Written by trinah