Writing & Messaging Intern

Apply by 10/26/2020; $13.50/hr

The writing and messaging intern shares the story of one of the most unique and fastest-growing organizations in the Church. Interns generate copy for a variety of messaging, including blog and newsroom articles, emails, and text messages. These efforts include interviewing students, missionaries, and employees from around the world; writing and publishing articles; reviewing work with co-workers and supervisors; and maintaining an editorial calendar.

Social Media Intern

Apply by 10/19/2020; $13.50/hr

BYU-Pathway Worldwide is looking to fill several social media intern positions at our downtown Salt Lake City office with several start times in January, April, and August. These internship positions are 40-hours per week and are paid.Social media interns fill strategy and production areas in either digital marketing and advertising, or social community growth and engagement in support of BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s digital outreach efforts. These efforts include managing day-to-day social media activity; developing and implementing social media campaigns and tactics; targeting online outreach to promote brand awareness and drive enrollment; and analyzing, reviewing, and reporting on effectiveness of campaigns to maximize results.The following social media internships will be available:

  • Digital Media Marketing & Analytics Intern: This intern will be responsible for daily monitoring and actionable insights on active ad campaigns, managing early testing of creative and audience assumptions through A/B, threshold, split tests, etc. review ad performance and audience insights for recommended ad iterations, and to build and organize campaigns, ad sets, and ads in Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Google Adwords Intern: This intern will help pioneer BYU-Pathway’s Google Adwords account and develop our ad structure. The Digital Media Marketing & Analytics Intern and the Google AdWords intern will work closely together on enrollment-based advertising campaigns.
  • Social Media Community Intern: This intern will be responsible for fostering community growth within the many networks of BYU-Pathway’s Facebook groups.They will also be responsible for moderating discussion within the groups as well as publishing content from the global Facebook page as needed.These positions will help BYU-Pathway clearly and effectively communicate its mission, and blessings to a diverse audience of thousands of students and Church-service missionaries throughout the world using social media. As a member of a professional communication team, students will gain meaningful experience and skills applicable to the communication field.

Mentoring Project Specialist Intern

Apply by 11/2/2020; $13.50/hr

Mentors at BYU-Pathway Worldwide provide encouragement and coaching to students who experience challenges that prevent them from being successful and from completing PathwayConnect. The ability to efficiently connect with as many students as possible is vital to a mentor’s role. This intern will focus on enhancing the way mentors connect with their students throughout the world via technology, and will assist in refining the documentation of those interactions. This intern can expect to research and work heavily with Omnichannel, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and the Mentor Portal (our student management system).  

Executive Office Paid Intern

Apply by 10/19/2020; $13.50/hr

The Executive Office Intern (EOI) provides high-level administrative support to the BYU-Pathway Worldwide Executive Office. The Executive Office is comprised of the President, his Executive Assistant, four Vice Presidents, and the Budget Officer. The EOI provides a high level of customer service and professionalism to all they interact with, which includes university leadership, church officers, executives, and students. The EOI is expected to keep up with a professional environment, the quick pace of the Executive Office, and regularly changing priorities. Being teachable, perceptive, and proficient at learning are required to effectively manage the competing demands and priorities associated with this position. The EOI position is one of high visibility and often includes working with documents and information that are confidential, sensitive and of high importance to BYU-Pathway Worldwide.The internship is a four-month, paid position located in Salt Lake City with no benefits and no stipend for housing. The salary is $13.50 per hour. Hours are typically Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (40 hours/week).

Written by trinah