*Because of restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, for the time being, BYU policy requires that all internships be completed remotely. Students will need to work with internship providers to set up remote work. Contact the English internship coordinator if you have questions (trina_harding@byu.edu).

Position Title: Writer Intern, Creative Writing/Editor for Children’s Stories

Job Duties: Write a series of short stories for children around life events for each of the major ancestors taken from a family history. Each of the children’s books would likely be about 15-25 pages, with 400-800 words, written in language of children’s books that is both engaging and potentially inspiring. Consideration will be given to writing a couple of “chapter books” if the content allows.

Qualifications: Demonstrated ability and interest in writing for children and a background or interest in creative writing. The intern will read the existing manuscript to create creative storytelling for children. While illustrations will be done separately, the intern is encouraged to put forward ideas around what illustrations might be particularly meaningful to supplement their writing. The intern will participate in all aspects of the creative process, including planning, brainstorming, writing, and editing.

Job Type: Part-time. This internship may qualify as a Comms or HCOLL 399R internship on coordination with the Internship Office.

Wage: $10 per hour

How to Apply: Submit resume with cover letter explaining experience, capabilities, and fit. Submit writing style example either of original or existing work, of no more than one page in length. Once resume, cover letter, and writing sample have been reviewed interviews will be coordinated with screened candidates.

Application Deadline: May 15

Start Date: Based on agreed availability—Between May 15 and September 1, 2020

End Date: On completion of project

Contact: Carr Krueger Carr@BYU.edu 801.422.4659

Hours per week: Negotiable

Additional Information: While the family history, from which the children’s stories will originate, is interesting to an adult reader, this project is meant to inspire younger readers. I envision a series of short stories around life events from each of the major ancestors within the book. Each of the children’s books would likely be about 15-25 pages, with 400-800 words, written in language meant for children that is both engaging and potentially inspiring. While each book would stand on its own, there should be a sense of flow from story to story and ancestor to ancestor. As much as possible I would also like there to be a “moral” to each story, or at a minimum to challenge the reader to find the moral of each story. Illustrations would not be part of the project. Instead the text will be given to family members who will separately illustrate the stories. Recommendations on the specific text to be included on each page would be encouraged. The primary audience is likely 3 – 10 years old (and their parents that may be doing the reading). Based on the volume of material from which to draw, it is anticipated that together we may identify 50 or more stories worth writing. I am open to suggestions on a few more significant short “chapter” books for an audience of 8 – 14.

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