UPDATE: SIP advisement sessions are now available through May 8. Sign up HERE for a time.

Social Innovations Projects (SIP) are project-based internships that qualify for English+ credit. This year, SIP is offering spring and summer internships in addition to their fall and winter programs. They are specifically hoping to provide a meaningful, valuable internship experience to students who have lost their spring and summer internships or who are having trouble finding one due to COVID-19.
If you are interested, sign up for an online advisement session before April 22nd.

Learn more at power.byu.edu and sign up for an advisement session at https://ballardsip.youcanbook.me/.

Read about other students’ experiences with SIP at http://englishinternships.byu.edu/?p=3354 and http://englishinternships.byu.edu/?p=2120.

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