NOTE: This job opportunity does NOT qualify for internship credit.

Job Title: Blog Writer for International Business and Investment Website

Job Description

The position involves ghost-writing articles for the website based on YouTube videos made by the site owner that address topics such as international business, overseas investing, foreign banking, how to obtain residency and citizenship in other countries, taxes, politics, location independence, and world travel.

In most cases, the video audio will be transcribed for you and you will need to watch the YouTube video and then take the transcription and organize it into a blog format, do some additional research to beef up the various points, and then write the article.

In other cases, you will be given a template and tasked with researching the topic on your own to fill in the information to create a new article.

Nomad Capitalist is the #1 destination for global citizens and reaches over a million readers a month. They are the main client of de Tello Publishing (see below) and have team members located around the world, offering you a unique opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of individuals while being able to work from anywhere you desire.  

Job Qualifications

Background in the topics listed above is beneficial but not required. You will need to research, organize, outline, format, write, edit, and optimize copy for SEO. 

Job Type: Both part- and full-time positions available.

Job Category: General Communications

Wage/Salary: $15+/hour

Application Process: Fill out this form (submit past work and a “Blog Resume”), Round 1 interviews, submit a paid example article, Round 2 interviews.

Application Deadline: March 2

Start Date: March 10

Company Description: de Tello Publishing is a writing and publishing company that offers everything you need to produce flawless copy for websites or a beautiful self-published book, including researching, writing, editing, SEO, formatting, publishing, and marketing.

Contact name, email and phone: Ashley Dymock de Tello,, 385-220-4737

City and State for location of experience: Location independent/Work-from-home

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