Job ID: 86012
Date Posted: 10/23/2019
Openings: 3
Start date: 11/15/2019
Shift: Other
Hourly Wage: $16.00/hour

Description:  Three (3) interns will spend the winter 2019 semester preparing for and traveling to almost every high school in the state of Utah where they will present to high school students interested in applying and coming to BYU. This is a great opportunity to hone presentation skills, learn how to help craft the image of BYU and present it to many different demographics within the state (city, rural, suburb, small groups, large groups, parents, counselors, students, etc.). Interns will receive training on admissions, scholarships, housing, student life, etc. Travel and some overnight trips will be required

Qualifications:  This position may count as internship credit for your major, please contact us for details all majors are welcome to apply.
*Must be admitted to BYU as a day-continuing student during the winter semester. However, due to the nature of the travel and calendar (viewable here, starts in “January 2019”: interns will be limited to evening classes, online and independent study courses etc. 
*Interns should be outgoing, personable, articulate, organized, responsible and energetic
*Experience in public speaking and presenting
*Pre-winter semester paid training (up to 10-15 hrs. week) will be required in November/December. 
*Those selected will be held to the same requirements of employment as full-time employees of the University (i.e. BYU Honor Code, Dress and Grooming Standards, etc.)

Due to the work hours limitation imposed by law, international students are not eligible for this internship unless they are on their approved break. “Please note that, by policy, students are normally limited to 20 hours per week.   An exception has been granted specifically for THIS position for winter semester 2020, allowing work up to 28 hours per week.  If you plan to work on campus for spring/summer you will need to carefully monitor your hours to not exceed 30 per week, which would necessitate termination.  Please contact Levi Heperi for more details. 

Application Instructions:   Please submit your resume to Levi Heperi, 206 HC, or email to by Monday, November 11, 2019. For questions, please call (801) 422-4457.

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