My name is Natalia Green, and I am an English major and professional writing and rhetoric minor at BYU. During Summer 2019 I completed an internship at Harris Publishing, a magazine publisher in Idaho Falls, Idaho. During my internship I developed professional connections, and I had the opportunity to apply the skills I developed during my time at BYU as I wrote articles and web posts for three different magazines: Great Lakes Boating, Houseboat Magazine, and Pontoon and Deck Boat.

The research and writing skills I have gained while studying English at BYU were useful as I researched subjects for articles, conducted interviews, and wrote compelling articles. Through my internship, I gained more professional connections, wrote a variety of pieces that I can use as writing samples for my portfolio, and applied my BYU Humanities skills in a workplace environment. Though my internship required hard work, it also gave me opportunities to enhance my writing and made me more marketable to future employers.

Written by byuenglishinternships