Qualifications: We are looking for a marketing data nerd who works well with others, is creative in fulfilling responsibilities, and has interest and experience in e-commerce and product marketing. Experience working with software related to the activities listed below is preferable, but not an absolute requirement. Skills: Market Research, Computer / Image processing, Video Editing, PPC, Storyboarding / Pre-production, Business / Marketing, Business / Customer Service.

This position focuses on demand generation product marketing, branding, content marketing and may include a small amount of advertising. Responsibilities include creating product descriptions for on-line retail channels, keyword/hashtag/tag research, and writing articles for various products, pre-production for content generation, generating content and measuring success. This position also encompasses conducting consumer research, including customer’s experience, motivation for purchasing, etc. This information will then be used to shape and strengthen marketing, maximizing sales with on-line channels. Familiarity with photography/video production is a major plus. This position requires 10-20 hours a week.

At least 120 hours over the course of 4 months. This is a minimum requirement set to ensure that you have a valuable experience, and that you have time to get up to speed and make a meaningful difference. If you are interested in doing additional hours for more experience or to complete requirements, we are usually able to accommodate your needs.

A stipend upon completion of internship, dependent on value brought to company and quality of work.

College Credit:
Quark Enterprises will work with you to get college credit. However, it is the responsibility of the intern to lead out in making sure these requirements are met. If additional hours are required, this isn’t a problem.


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