As a technical writing intern at Workfront, you will learn to work with software engineers, QA engineers, UX designers, Systems and Operational engineers and product managers to contribute to the development of high-quality documentation that meets internal customer needs and supports successful product use. The documentation you help create will also support other content-producers in the organization as they create their own content deliverables. 

You will learn to apply solid writing and technical skills to produce complete, accurate, usable documentation for the appropriate audiences. 

A Typical Day in Your World:

  • Provide internal engineering documentation by working closely with our infrastructure and operations teams.
  • Provide resources (documentation, training videos, etc.) for enabling engineers to quickly understand infrastructure and operational procedures and topics.
  • Become a contributing member of the infrastructure and operations teams you support. Attend meetings as necessary to stay informed on upcoming process changes, enhancements and other modifications.
  • Assess and document new processes and functionality by proactively keeping informed of new functionality, then taking the steps necessary to ensure document end-users have adequate resources to learn about new functionality.
  • Work closely with managers and other infrastructure and operations team members as you document new processes and functionality. Become an advocate for the documentation end-user as you foresee potential questions, and ensure potential concerns are either resolved within the process or within the documentation that you create.
  • Take ownership for all existing documentation within the infrastructure and operations teams. Ensure existing documentation is kept up to date and ensures successful use.
  • Consistently seek ways to strengthen technical communication skills, technical skills, and internal infrastructure and operations process and procedure knowledge; understand company and business unit strategies, initiatives, and objectives; and build business skills and other professional skills.
  • Apply thorough research to assignments. This includes interviewing subject matter experts and other stakeholders; configuring and testing processes (where applicable), and reviewing process requirements, existing documentation, stakeholder requirements, and other feedback.
  • Have a fabulous lunch with people you respect and admire. Enjoy a free soda. Or 10 because, hey, they’re free!

To Land This Job, You’ll Need:

  • Interest in writing technical documentation, and preferably have completed coursework related to technical writing
  • Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in technical writing, English, instructional design, or a closely-related field
  • Pass a writing test that demonstrates your ability to take a complex task and document it in a way that makes it easy enough that anyone could accomplish it
  • Edit existing documentation in a way that proves your competence in using sound grammar, as well as your ability to rewrite information to be more clear, accurate, and concise
  • Demonstrate that you know how to use screen captures and graphics in a way that enhances written documentation without adding unnecessary maintenance overhead
  • Excellent writing skills and American English language skills (usage, grammar, and punctuation)
  • Strong aptitude for quickly learning new software tools and technical concepts
  • Knowledge of technical writing principles and strong aptitude for quickly learning new writing techniques and writing styles
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and verbal communication skills
  • Flexible self-starter and proactive problem-solver


Written by byuenglishinternships