BYU JOB ID: 78598


Technical Writers needed in the BYU Office of Information Technology. Duties will include preparation of project management documents, writing text for web pages and apps, creating training documents, and mapping out scripts for videos. A high level of self-supervision and work ethic required. You will be a valued member of our development teams and will generate some great artifacts to add to your portfolio. Formal training in technical writing or similar major preferred. A genuine interest in the work required.


  1. Project Management Documents
    1. Requirements
    2. Project Charter
    3. Identify goals of projects
    4. Identify stakeholders
  2. Web Page Content
  3. Training Documents for Apps & Web Pages
  4. Knowledge Base Articles – KBs
  5. Mission Statements, Goals, etc (limited)
  6. Video Scripts
  7. API Documentation

Application Instructions:  apply online (through BYU student employment), resume and writing sample or portfolio required.

Must have regular and consistent attendance at scheduled shift.


Written by byuenglishinternships