Marketing Internship

SLC, Triad Center

So you think you’ve learned the ropes and have a good grasp of marketing through your recent scholarly activities?  We thought that too until we actually entered the workforce. Books and lectures really didn’t cover everything. Well, here’s your opportunity to tip those toes in the marketing pool through an internship with the Deseret Digital Marketing Team.

We are looking for a marketing intern who is a creative nut as well as likes to dive into the numbers and analytics. If this doesn’t sound like you, you may want to reconsider a career in Marketing.  If this does describe you, read on my friend. We need someone immediately that can work a minimum 20 hrs a week and expect this internship to go through April. We like to have fun so whoever joins this team better be ready to work hard and play hard. Pickleball skills are a plus.

Here are some of the things we’re gonna have you do:

  • Get familiar with marketing analytics including tools like Google Analytics

  • Develop your writing skills so you can write amazing creative briefs and other marketing content

  • Become familiar with social media marketing

  • Help coordinate event marketing events

  • Manage SEM campaigns

  • Help assist the Marketing Team with other initiatives and activities

Basically, this will be the best marketing program you could ever hope for (well, we think so). If you are considering a career in marketing, this will provide you with the experience and learn if you are up for the challenge of being a digital marketer. Apply and submit your resume today!


Written by byuenglishinternships