BYU SIPIt’s not too late to get an internship for THIS semester. You can still enroll in an on-campus internship.

Social Innovation Project Internships connect students with companies dedicated to social good. There are a number of projects available, including the following:

Citizen Schools is working with Boston schools to developing two specific projects aimed at students entering high school.

  • The first project is developing test prep curriculum for their new entrance exam 8th graders take for acceptance into competitive high schools (similar to the SAT or ACT)
  • The second project is developing a revamped career exploration curriculum that aligns with Common Core. Interns will deliver a strategic plan based on their database of existing resources.

Class registration for Social Innovation Projects closes September 10th for the Fall semester (MSB 491R section 001)

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*Social Innovations Project (MSB 491 section 1) and On-Campus Internships (MSB 494) count for English+ credit. Talk to the Liberal Arts Advisement center about receiving credit.

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