On-campus student jobs offer valuable work experience and sometimes qualify for internship credit. The work should be professionalizing and project-based. Check out the following jobs and more on and contact the internship coordinator if you want to see about earning internship credit.

JOB ID 74586: Social Media / Writer; CE, Bachelors of General Studies Program

Provide support for the marketing administrator. Assist with social media campaigns including writing and scheduling (blog, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube). Help maintain and monitor an online student community (building profiles, discussion groups, announcements, forms and information). Assist with events. Communicate by phone, in person, and by email with older non-traditional students who are completing their degree at a distance.

JOB ID 74447: Marketing Assistant; CE, Independent Study

Marketing Assistant needed (20 hours/week) to help research and prepare data for marketing outreach opportunities. Will work closely with a Marketing Outreach Administrator to develop and maintain relationships with current and potential customers.

JOB ID 74839: Social Media Coordinator; BYU Broadcasting

Top of Mind is a daily, news interview show that airs nationally on Sirius XM 143 and streams at We are looking to boost our social media engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As our social media coordinator, you will monitor Top of Mind’s social media accounts and analytics, help create and implement a social media strategy, create a social media calendar, create posts and engage with Top of Mind’s listeners online. We are not looking for someone to post on their own profiles — we need an avid follower of news and current events and has a keen sense for how media outlets succeed on social media. A basic foundation in business social media strategy is a must, but you don’t have to be a pro. This job will be a lot of experimentation and creative thinking. If that sounds fun to you, please apply!

JOB ID 74842: Radio Producer; BYU Broadcasting

Top of Mind is a daily, news interview show that airs nationally on Sirius XM 143 and streams at The Radio Producer works on a variety of projects that related to the production and the marketing of a daily live radio show that covers a wide range of topics. The position requires an interest in ideas, attention to detail, flexibility, and an eagerness to learn new skills. Producers will be responsible for working with teams to develop, research and deliver live or pre-recorded programming. Duties: Scanning news and research for interesting topics; pitching segment ideas to Top of Mind editorial staff; Finding and booking appropriate guests; Researching and framing support materials for interviews; Writing scripts for host to use on the air; Other duties as assigned.

JOB ID 74709: Social Media Specialist; Fine Arts and Communications

Part-time student social media specialist for the College of Fine Arts and Communications. Aid the Assistant Dean of External Relations in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, other social media platforms, and assist in the college’s public relations efforts.

JOB ID 74746: Writer/Editor; Life Sciences

The College of Life Sciences is looking for two student freelancers who can help write and edit articles for our biannual magazine (summer/fall and winter/spring). Writing and editing will be done remotely and on your own time. Student writers spend five to twenty hours in any given week on the material assigned to them. Writers edit each other’s work.

JOB ID 74746: Writer; Fine Arts and Communications

Part-time student writer for the College of Fine Arts and Communications. Aid the Assistant Dean over external relations with writing and editing articles and other college communications. The writer will work on releases and features for BYU Arts and the six academic units within the college (Art, Communications, Dance, Design, Music, Theatre & Media Arts). Articles will focus on events and student and faculty experiences. These articles are posted on college web pages, BYU News and BYU Arts. Recent examples can be found on,

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