$12 – $27 an hour – Part-time, Internship
Social Paragon is a partner of HubSopt with the world’s leading Inbound Marketing platform. We provide the software and programs for businesses to effectively run their inbound marketing strategy.

Our typical package for a client are the following services:

  • Online Review Builder
  • Local SEO
  • Unlimited Graphic Design
  • Unlimited Video Production
  • Creative Director

If you are getting a degree in marketing or you want to start your career off right with the experience of digital marketing, then Social Paragon is the place to go.

When you go through our intern program you will not only learn how to master digital marketing, but you will receive a nationally recognized Inbound Marketing Certification and a Social Media Specialization Certificate from one of the top marketing colleges in the country, Northwestern University.

Once your certification is complete, you will enter our marketing program where you we work with businesses with their digital marketing needs. We are not only flexible with your school schedule but we continue to pay you while your getting your degree.

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Job Type: Part-time


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