Bake Off Winner


If a student asked you about interning with iTOVi, what would you say?

First off, iTOVi really knows how to spoil their employees. Not only did I receive competitive pay throughout my internship, but we also get catered lunch every single day! Whether you’re playing board games during a lunch break or glancing up at the Olympics playing on TVs around the office, there’s always something fun going on. Despite the many perks, I would have to tell students that my absolute favorite part of this internship is the people. I was given so many opportunities to grow and learn new skills, and I’m so glad they offered me a permanent position after my internship ended!

What is your advice to future interns to help them have a successful experience?

Absolutely pick an internship you’ll enjoy. I had a choice between this Social Media Marketing Internship and another internship that was more writing-heavy. I was tempted to choose the writing internship because it applied more to my major, but I knew I wouldn’t have as much fun. It turns out this internship at iTOVi gave me sooo many chances to enhance my writing (blog posts, webinars, video scripts, etc…). So pick what you love, and find ways to apply your personal skills to the job!

What was the most rewarding aspect of your internship experience?

It was so rewarding to see my work published every day on the website and on our various social media platforms. I still remember one blog post in particular that I spent a few days working on, and by the time we posted it, it ended up getting over 80 shares on Facebook in the first day. But my pride and joy of working here was winning the iTOVi Bake Off! Woohoo! (See picture!)

Anything else you’d like to share about your experience?

Yes, the free food and the board games are awesome, but the things I’ve learned are really what will help me in my future career. I’ve grown more confident in my writing and design abilities. I’d never even owned a real camera when I started this internship, but now I plan and shoot several of our photos on our own. And if all goes well, iTOVi will be paying for me to attend a social media convention in New York city in April!

Written by byuenglishinternships