BYU SIPWe have an exciting Social Innovation Project available next semester. This on-campus internship will require the participation of students with writing and copy-editing skills. Below you can find a description of the internship and a link to the application that you can send to your students.

Internship Description:

Work with leadership from 3 organizations to create specific design projects aimed at increasing visibility, engagement, and sustainability, enabling each organization to more fully carry out their social missions.

Musana International: utilizing data from the 2017 impact analysis of Musana’s programs in Uganda, make data visually engaging through infographics, and assist in creating the annual report.

Fair Kind: create a new catalog of artisan products, and design customized proposals for companies. Develop ways to visually tell artisans’ stories to those purchasing their products.

Givv: design the front-end to the GivvApp, and develop visual concepts for the new website.

If you are interested, please send a link to your portfolio or send examples of your work to

For more information please visit and begin an application.

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