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Thinking about doing an On-Campus Internship next semester? You’ll want to check out the list of projects you could choose from. Projects include business development, marketing, social media strategy, translation and localization, publishing and writing projects, product innovation and more!

We will begin assigning students to projects in early December. In addition to registering for the class in AIM/MyMAP students need to submit an OCI application at http://oci.byu.edu. Students can continue to submit applications up until the add/drop deadline.

Students will find that an on-campus internship experience gives them real-world experience, builds a stronger résumé, allows them to enhance their education by applying the principles learned in class, and helps them land a job or full-time internship.  The projects we provide are open to all undergraduates across campus and have resulted in high satisfaction from both the companies and students.

To see a list of the OCI projects, contact the internship coordinator.

To learn more about OCIs, click HERE.

Written by byuenglishinternships