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My name is Ryan Weller and I am currently a first-year analyst at the largest market research firm in the world – Nielsen. I graduated from BYU with a BA in English, and a double minor in Italian and in Global Business and Literacy. I managed to find a competitive job with a liberal arts degree, and it all started with one class at BYU.

Prior to taking English 394, I had virtually no experience in the business world. That class, both the content we were taught and the experiences and opportunities it provided, gave me my first step down a path into the business world that eventually led me to where I am today.

I learned quickly that each step along your professional path opens up new opportunities, but that path has to start somewhere. For me, it started in that internship course, led to another internship at a marketing agency in Provo, and I was even offered an internship with Marvel Comics in New York City. When it came time to find a company to hire me for full-time employment, I was able to leverage these experiences to promote myself as a worthy candidate in a competitive field because I could show that I have had tangible experience in the business world, experiences I would not have had without taking English 394.


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Written by byuenglishinternships