Are you an excellent writer? Want to spend a summer researching and writing about social issues across the world with a team of rad, motivated, and compassionate people? We are looking to hire a team of writers/editors for Ballard Brief, an upcoming publication of briefs on social issues and their problem/solution landscapes. Both part-time and full-time positions are available based on experience, writing ability, and availability. Pay is $10/hr.


Duties include:

  • Intensive research on social issues
  • Technical writing/content creation about social issues
  • Content editing
  • Copy editing


  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • Excellent technical writing skills. Writers with concise, accessible voices preferred
  • Ability to approach social issues without bias towards a particular solution or perspective
  • Writing experience required, particularly writing in the social sciences/about social issues & current events
  • Must be able to work both spring and summer terms
  • Knowledge of social impact terminology preferred
  • Experience with Chicago/Turabian citation style preferred
  • Editing experience a plus

To apply, please send an email to Marissa at ballardbrief@gmail.com including:

  • Resume
  • Writing sample (written by applicant only, not in a team)
  • Answers to the questions below:

o    Are you interested in a part-time or full-time position?

  • If you are interested in part time position, are you available mornings or evenings?

o    What day could you start working? What day would you finish working?

o    What social issue(s) are you particularly interested in? Why?

Written by odhwp