The BYU Humanities to Business Club is looking for great leaders for 2017-2018 Academic Year. The open positions include a president and three vice presidents. The application deadline is April 5th by midnight. We will be holding interviews on Friday, April 7. (If you would like to be a member of one of the teams, feel free to send us an email at No experience required to be a team member!)

If you are selected as an HBC Leader, the following commitments apply:
– 90 minute leadership training during Finals Week April 2017.
– 1 hour weekly presidency meeting during Fall/Winter 2017-18 (exact time/date negotiated within the presidency.)
– Regular attendance at HBC events.
humanities to business
President: must maintain the vision of the humanities to business movement, responsible for club status and recruiting, networking with other campus entities and off-campus network, attendance at monthly Humanities Leadership Council, responsibility to mentor VPs, willingness to regularly communicate with club adviser.
VPs: Responsibility to mentor a specific team (2-5 students) within the club, regular communication with club adviser and president, collaborate with presidency to execute a focused strategy to increase the humanities to business movement at BYU.

– Social Media Marketing VP
The Social Media vice-president should have a solid understanding of how to construct and carry out an effective social media campaign. This VP will be essential to building the humanities to business movement, and so should be prepared to maintain a steady flow of social media content to our social media accounts. All this should be done with the intent to train a team of underclassmen with little to no experience in social media management.
– Events VP
The Events vice-president will be in charge of planning and executing 2-3 humanities-to-business centered events per semester. Must be able to understand market needs; plan effective events; coordinate with other VPs to publicize events; invite, host, and formally thank professionals; and mentor a team of students in event planning and networking practices.
– Creative Productions VP
The Creative Productions vice-president will manage the production of all creative needs for the club and website. This team will be responsible for photography, graphic design, blog posts, and editing needs of the club. Because of this, the Creative Productions VP should be somewhat competent in photography (amateur), graphic design (basic), and writing/editing content, is more responsible for being proactive in setting goals and meeting deadlines for content needs.

Written by odhwp