Content Creation / Marketing 

Internship Description: Assist company leadership with creation of content for career and/or hiring assessments as well as the company’s website and marketing / sales materials. Responsibilities include but are not limited to research, content creation, and copy writing. Strong writing skills are required. Past marketing experience is a plus, but not necessary. You will work directly with the CEO, VP of Product Development, Chief Scientist, and VP of Marketing.

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Company background: Journeyfront ( is a people analytics startup that is bridging the gap between what a resume says and who a person is. We use psychometric assessments, big data, and predictive analytics to match candidates with jobs that best match their personal characteristics and preferences. Our office is located on Center St. in Provo, UT.

As Journeyfront anticipates large growth over the upcoming months, there will be a greater need for content on both our website and via marketing campaigns. As such, Journeyfront is looking to hire a Content Writing / Marketing Intern for the summer.

To Apply: To begin the application process, please click on the link below. You’ll be prompted to create a Journeyfront account and complete a few short assessments and questions.

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To get a feel for our product, we also recommend you put in a past job or internship you’d had and take the assessments. This is to allow you to experience the consumer aspect of our product and will not be used as part of the application process.

Any questions, please contact Daniel Ash at

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