Have a lot of active friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter or Instagram? Do you want to do more with your social media following? Interested in social media for social good?

Women of the World, a non-profit organization that supports refugee women towards self reliance and economic success in any stage of resettlement, is looking for a Social Media Intern to volunteer their social media prowess to take our online profile to the next level. We have a great start with our Facebook page that has over 3,000 followers but need your help to grow our followings elsewhere and in places we should be but aren’t.


While this position is not paid, we feel it is a great stepping stone for the savvy young person that is interested in the social media industry or entrepreneurship. WoW partners with one of Utah’s largest, hippest, and fastest growing internet marketers putting you in direct contact with key people working in social media marketing. Furthermore, we offer all three of the items listed in Daniel Pink’s “Drive” known to motivate:

1 Sense of Purpose – Working with Women of the World in the service of refugee women gives you access to some of the most courageous and compelling women and their stories. Helping refugee women’s voice get heard will bring a new sense of meaning to your social media hours.
2 Autonomy – Women of the World will give you the reigns to designing and deploying our social media strategy. Our organization is called upon monthly to interact with the ‘old media’ and is internationally recognized… so you will be acting individually but on behalf of a highly-regarded organization.
3 Mastery – Using your social media skills in such an entrepreneurial way will improve your skills. Bouldering on our little climbing wall ensures your aptitude will be ready at greater altitudes.


1 Have a large, active social media following across numerous platforms. Previous experience designing and deploying a social media strategy preferred.
2 Have a working knowledge of social media marketing. Some coursework in the field preferred.
3 Able to work 5+ hours each week designing and deploying your social media strategy. Preference given to those capable of committing
4 Desire to work with groups (including WoW Case Managers) to interview refugee women for online profiles.
5 Ability to work online with teams including social media professionals and social work professionals.

Location: Online
Status: Open
How to Apply: Send resume to Justin Harnish at justin@womenofworld.org
Closing Date: 15 March 2017
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Written by odhwp