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Social Innovation Projects—On-Campus Internships


Social Innovation Projects (SIP) is an on-campus internship program that allows students to work on projects for top-tier social innovation organizations. While writing and editing are needed in all our projects (see, English majors have human-centered skills (like project management, critical thinking, creativity, and communication) that are critical to any project’s. Furthermore, with an interdisciplinary team of students and a strong mentoring infrastructure, a student of any experience level (i.e. Freshmen, students with zero business/tech experience, etc.) will have all the tools necessary for a successful project with the Ballard Center. This is a great way to learn and become exposed to interesting opportunities in other fields. Below are just a few of the organizations you could work for this semester. Apply now for the project of your choice!

lds church 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints   Self-Reliance Services – Perpetual Education Fund

Self-Reliance provides products and services in over 130 countries as a resource for members of the LDS Church to become temporally and spiritually self-reliant. Services include self-reliance groups that help members find a job, start or grow a business, obtain an education, or improve their finances.

education for sharing

Education for Sharing 

Education for Sharing is an international non-profit organization that forms better citizens from childhood by harnessing the power of play. Through the use of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we empower teachers to foster an understanding of global challenges in their classrooms and to instill civic values in their students and larger school community.

maharishi institute

Maharishi Institute 

Maharishi Institute is a South African non-profit organization working towards making quality college education accessible to young people who could never afford to attend a public university in the country.

teens act

Teens Act 

Teens Act is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower underserved youth to graduate from high school and move onto higher education. Project participants will work under the direction of officers from Teens Act to prepare for a Spring gala.


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