For winter semester, register for ENGL 394R . It is an English+ and internship experience rolled into one class!


This weekly, 3-unit seminar is designed to give majors at BYU an overview of possible career and internship options in professional writing and ways to pursue their professional interests. Each student will be placed in a competitive professional writing internship and at the end of the semester will produce a polished writer’s portfolio they can use in applying for future internships and employment.



Each month students will also meet and talk with a guest professional working in diverse professional writing-related fields such as web design, journalism, public relations, corporate and media relations, technical writing, medical communications, and working for non-profits. The visiting professionals talk about their own and related careers, show samples of their work, and answer student questions.


Dr. Jon Balzotti


Through Engl394, I interned at Concord Worldwide, Inc. and at the end of the semester they asked me to stay on for the Summer. My main job was to produce web content to increase traffic to Concord’s website. I researched topics relevant to Concord’s business and produced several articles each week. 

Over the summer, I transitioned from Concord Worldwide to the Wheatley Institution, which is an academic institution attached to BYU. I think that the only reason they considered me for the job was because of my experience in online marketing with Concord. I learned to use things like Google Keywords, Google analytics, and other social media analytics to assess the efficacy of my work and improve. I learned a variety of online platforms, such as blogging and social media to promote a product. If I hadn’t learned the principles behind online marketing, I wouldn’t have been qualified to work at The Wheatley.

Additionally, the skills in design and rhetoric that I learned in English 394R have come in handy. I had no idea how to navigate Adobe products before 394R, but my current job requires that I use Adobe on a nearly daily basis. I am so glad that I took 394R, because it has given me the opportunities, skill sets, and experience that I needed to get started off in the professional world.                                                           –Ben Fleshman

Written by odhwp