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Here are the opportunities:

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Fall 2016 Internship/Project Opportunities:

Apopo trains rats to save lives by sniffing out landmines and tuberculosis in developing countries. Apopo’s TB detection rats in Mozambique and Tanzania have now identified over 10,000 TB positive patients that public clinics missed.

Project #1: Develop a promotional video that will persuade people to purchase a HeroRAT adoption either for themselves or as a gift. Apopo will provide all needed footage, voice recordings, examples, taglines, etc. Originally, when someone bought a HeroRat, they were following a virtual rat that does on a prewritten journey. However, they are transitioning to have people following a real rat. The video would be used to promote this change along with the creation of an outreach plan.

Skill sets: Marketing, Video / Film, Communication students to write the copy for the video.


Project #2: Create a holiday season multi-channel marketing campaign to promote Apopo’s range of gifting solutions. The two-month holiday season is a critical fundraising time for Apopo and they want to be able to generate as much income out of these channels as possible.  This project will involve creating a complete marketing campaign and the operation plan for the annual holiday marketing strategy. This will include reaching new and existing markets, promoting and selling products, and free reign for creativity.

Skill sets: Marketing, business, and advertising students are needed


Defy Ventures is an entrepreneurship, employment, and personal development training program for currently and formerly incarcerated men, women, and youth. Defy helps Entrepreneurs in Trainings (EITs) who are talented and driven individuals with criminal histories to create successful futures. The EITs go through intense coursework, Shark Tank-style business pitch competitions, mentoring, and startup incubation.

Project: In Intro Training, EITs concentrate on employment readiness and are introduced to entrepreneurship as an alternative to employment. Because men and women with criminal histories face significant barriers to employment, Defy teaches entrepreneurship as so EITs can create legal opportunities for themselves and others. Each week, EITs watch video courses and complete assignments, including developing a Resume, Business Ideation plans, SMART goals, SWOT analyses, market research, financial models, and additional components building toward the development of a traditional business plan.

Defy would like to increase the effectiveness of their EIT training program. They are seeking a team of students to review assignments from EITs and create an error analysis for common assignment mistakes. Additionally, we would like the team to identify possible gaps in Defy’s curriculum.

Skill Sets: Copy Writers/Editors, Entrepreneurship, General Business, Strategy, Education


Project: E4S is working to integrate their Science for Sharing program from Mexico here in the states. This team will need to review the curriculum and evaluate according to the common core and other curriculum expectations for US elementary schools. Once the curriculum has been evaluated by the US standards, we would like to have the interns make recommendations of activities and lessons that will round out our program to be most useful to teachers here.  This could involve the creation of lesson plans, handouts, kits, etc. that would make integration of this program easy for US teachers.  Some research into STEM education and promotions by other organizations could also be useful to ensure our program is taking advantage of best practices.

Skill sets: A passion for childhood education, experience with creative hands on learning atmospheres, familiarity with engaging science experiments, interest in STEM promotion for all, strong research and writing skills.


Citizen Schools is a national nonprofit organization that partners with middle schools to expand the learning day for children in low-income communities. Citizen Schools mobilizes a team of AmeriCorps educators and volunteer “Citizen Teachers” to teach real-world learning projects and provide academic support in order to help all students discover and achieve their dreams.  

Project: Create a list of organizations and initiatives in Greater Boston that serve and support students during high school and that would be interested in partnering with Citizen Schools. In addition, this project will create a proposal for how best to track alumni after they leave Citizen Schools to know where they are going to high school, college, what careers they are pursuing, how to maintain updated contact records, etc. Proposal should be based on research – best practices of peer organizations who successfully track alumni, industry standards, etc. Citizen Schools would like recommendations for launching a pilot Alumni Services program starting in January 2017, including a 6 month project plan for January-June, 2017 that has clear deliverables and a plan to measure impact.

Skill sets: Citizen Schools and the Director of 8GA and Alumni Services look forward to working with interns who show 1) a commitment to and passion for closing the opportunity and achievement gaps in public education; 2) a proven ability to think critically to problem solve with creative solutions; 3) a strong team orientation and ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people; 4) am embodiment of the seven Citizen Schools values: Pride, Joy, Respect, Courage, Perseverance, Teamwork, Vision; and 5) an interest in education reform and nonprofits

Benetech is a Silicon Valley technology nonprofit that provides software tools and services to address pressing social needs. Bookshare was launched in 2007 to address global literacy among people with visual impairments, physical disabilities and/or learning disabilities that prevent them from reading a printed book. Bookshare is the world’s largest library of online accessible materials and serves over 350,000 individuals.

Project 1: Assess and make recommendations for the experience of a Bookshare volunteer.. From start to finish what is the experience of a volunteer like? How can it be improved? What areas are difficult for volunteers? What areas are difficult for those looking for volunteers? The team will work through this whole process and analyze potential off-ramps and road blocks. Based on this research, the team will then make recommendations for how to improve the process and, time permitting, have an opportunity to create videos, manuals, summary instructions, etc. to help implement those recommendations.

Skill sets: Program Analysis, design, video creation, research, human-centered design.

Project 2: Code Alliance is a volunteer system for programmers/coders to volunteer their services to NGOs and Social Ventures. Almost all organizations have technical needs such as this and this program helps connect volunteers with those skill sets with the organizations that need them the most. The team would be asked to assess and make recommendations about this program. Understanding what is and is not working in the program will be the starting point. The team will then make recommendations for improvements, clarifications, and how to make the process easier and more transparent.

Skill sets: Program Analysis, design, video creation, research, human-centered design, computer programming experience.


The Academy for Creating Enterprise (ACE) is a non profit organization that teaches return missionaries from around the world how to start and grow small businesses to provide for themselves and their families. Their primarily operate in the Philippines, Mexico, and Peru. Their curriculum was used to help create the Church’s new self reliance program.  

Project 1: The team will help implement Salesforce, a CRM software, to strengthen the administration of chapter leadership relations, and improve training for ACE’s regional coordinators. This includes developing reports to be used within Salesforce.

Skills: Research, Strong Communication Skills, Development, CRM software experience.


Project 2: This team will develop a fundraising strategy for ACE. Ace currently has over 10,000 graduates of their programs. Many of these graduates have established businesses and progressed to a stage of self-reliance. The team will develop the fundraising strategy targeting these graduates.

Skills: Fundraising, communication, social media marketing, strategy creation.

Project 3: Ace has created a video and photo library. The team will these resources to create promotional materials (both video and printed) used for raising awareness and fundraising.

Skills: Video/photo editing, design, marketing/advertising, strong communication, editing.


Safe Mothers, Safe Babies reduces maternal and infant mortality in the first 1,000 days of life by targeting the Three Delays, improving health decision-making, access to health care, and the quality of care provided in health facilities.

Project #1: More than 40% of women in Uganda deliver their babies in a place other than a health facility. Although home-birth is a safe birth alternative for women in many areas of the world, conditions such as poverty, poor preconception health, distance to health facilities, poor road conditions, and limited access to surgical care makes it so that the safest place to deliver is in a health facility. Yet, sociocultural, economic, and structural barriers exist that often prevent women from doing that. The “Three Delays” explains that these barriers can be delineated into three categories: delays in decision-making, delays in physical access, and delays in the provision of quality care.

“We sold our goat” is a quote from an interview SAFE did with the member of a woman who died during labor, which emphasizes how urgent and devastating a pregnancy-related emergency can be for a woman and her family. The internship team will make this message and the Three Delays model more tangible so that it is easily understood. The student team will work with SAFE leadership to develop visual ways to convey this message, either through short or long documentaries using SAFE video footage or through computer-animated videos, or a combination of both.

Skill sets: PR / Advertising / Communications / Video / Film


Project #2: SAFE would like to help change this narrative, at least within their own field. SAFE are collecting stories from women, men, families, and healthcare providers about what maternal and child health means to them, the challenges that they face, and the solutions they are employing in their communities, all within the context of the Three Delays. SAFE want to utilize a website (or some other super creative visual storytelling) to create a narrative that engages the user to take a journey through these people’s lives, come to understand the Three Delays, and more generally, the complex nature of public health problems and solutions. The focus of this project is amplifying the voices of people who are often marginalized and doing so in a way that really compels the user to listen. SAFE wants to disrupt conventional forms of thinking, and motivate people to act on different principles.

Skill sets: Copywriters / Editors / PR/ Advertising / Communications / Video / FIlm / Web Development. Many mediums involved: photos and written narrative, audio narrative, raw video footage that needs to be edited. Will require creative storyteller(s), editor, communications, and website development.


Suyo is a public benefit corporation that unlocks the transformational impact of secure property rights by making it easier and more affordable for low-income families to formalize their property. Suyo currently operates in Cali and Medellin, Colombia. Empowered with formal recognition of their property rights, low-income families have access to numerous benefits that help lift them out of poverty, such as credit, home ownership security and the ability to transfer rights. Suyo combines modern technology with their expert team of lawyers, architects and other property professionals to solve property formalization needs in a simple process for approximately half the price of other providers. Their services include land titling, building registration, successions, property purchase studies, among many others.

Project #1: The sales and marketing team will focus on: 1) helping systematize and improve Suyo’s customer tracking system (to organize customer payment status, service status, payment plan chosen, etc);  2) increasing Suyo’s social media presence (expose company history, track milestones, create profiles of current clients); 3) helping the Suyo team explore different sales/promotional avenues and strategic alliances, such as payment collection systems, means to enhance field agent safety and financing avenues for customers; 4) improve the firm’s website (possibility of setting a question-answer online system, provide geo referencing of where local clients are located).

Skill sets: They are looking for students who are proficient in Spanish and have a background in Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales, or a related field.


Project #2: The operations side will focus on: 1) systematizing Suyo’s information collection systems (to track ongoing judicial processes, customer notifications on status updates, etc); 2) analyzing Suyo data and helping calculate margins (conversion of prospect to assessment, assessment to client, among others), narrowing down the identification of Suyo’s target customer, and helping analyze customer acquisition costs and costs of services; 3) helping Suyo research demographic characteristics of possible target populations for expansion.

Skill sets: They are looking for students who are proficient in Spanish and have a background in Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales, or a related field.


Maharishi Institute (MI) is a South African non-profit trust founded in 2007 working towards making quality college education accessible to underserved youth.

Project: This project is to develop a fundraising strategy for Maharishi Institute to open new doors. This will include creating proposal examples for potential funding sources and creating a list of potential donors, companies, foundations, wealthy individuals, etc.

Skill sets: Students with experience in fundraising should apply


The Solutions Journalism Network is an independent, non-profit organization working to legitimize and spread the practice of solutions journalism: rigorous and compelling reporting about responses to social problems.

Project #1:  SJN is currently in the process of becoming a source of solutions journalism from news outlets all over the world.  There are a number of strategic questions to address in order to determine the best way to move forward: (1) How might we systematize the way that we actively search for solutions journalism? (2)  How might we work with others to help us search and identify solutions journalism?

SJN would like to work with a group of students around these two questions. To start, these students will work off our existing list of partner newsrooms and go-to sources to create a robust list of who is producing solutions journalism. While mapping out this news landscape, these students will brainstorm a variety of ways which we might address these two problems. Out of these ideas, we will choose a few ideas that are feasible to experiment. The final presentation would include this extensive list of who is producing solutions journalism, what they learned from experiments, and their recommendations moving forward.

Skill sets: Marketing strategy (including social media), on-hand research and reporting, survey/data analysis, familiarity with programing and possible tech solutions to identifying solutions journalism, strong communication skills.

Written by odhwp