A content marketing crash course for internship credit is available on BYU campus.  There are two steps.

1. Sign up for HCOLL 494R. The class meets on TH at 2:00 pm (with an as-needed make-up F @ 1:00 class). It is a 3 credit course focused on project management. Students are required to keep a timesheet showing they have worked the required 6-9 hours a week on the project.

2. Apply for the project by going to oci.byu.edu. Select “Apply” on the right side of the screen. Select “HCOLL 494R – Apply.” Students will then rank the projects based on preference. Teams are typically no bigger than 5 students. We will notify students of their team placement before class on Thursday.


The project will be for US Translation Company, which offers precision translation services to industrial sectors, as well as comprehensive interpretation solutions for large corporate events. The company and its founder have garnered numerous awards and accolades, including those given by Utah Best of State (six years), DiversityBusiness.com, Small Business Administration, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, and Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Inc. Magazine ranked US Translation Company among their Fast 5000 (four years). Driven by an intense commitment to integrity, discipline and respect, the US Translation Company team has served manufacturers, life sciences firms, event planners and government contractors with our signature “white glove service.” Our customers include Samsung, Novartis, LG, JBT Aerotech, Maximus, Polaris, SIGAR and Balchem. Learn more at www.ustranslation.com


End goal: production of quality marketing content relevant to a given industry. Methods and processes: industry research, writing, editing, reporting, graphic design (infographics, graphs, data visualization, images). Content marketing is the future of digital marketing and is the final frontier by which an organization can differentiate itself. Where other forms of marketing position your company as an undifferentiated commodity doing the same things as its competitors, high-quality articles and industry reports cannot be replicated and will position your company as the go-to within its sector. This project will aim to produce precisely those types of reports and articles. Students will be able to choose a target industry of choice from the following sectors: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, aerospace, and military technologies. I will work with students to hone and define specific topics for projects. Topics are encouraged to have an international focus, but are not required to. Within the target industries, students will have tremendous latitude to explore their own interests. Naturally, I will act as gatekeeper/guide with regard to topic selection, and will initially provide a list of suggested topics, but I will encourage students to engage their own creativity and follow their interests. Example topics could be such as the following: “German Engineering in US Airliners,” “The British Pharmaceutical Invasion,” “Des Moines: the New Biomedical Hotspot?” “How 3D Printing Helps Defense Contractors,” “Hungarian-American Clinical Collaboration,” etc. Depending upon the topic, I may have subject matter experts from private companies available for interview. Final documents will be required to have solid supporting data and correct citations. Students are encouraged to use graphic design skills to present reports in aesthetically pleasing, original and innovative formats. Skills needed, in order of importance: research, writing, editing, graphic design.


3-6 articles or reports that are compelling, thorough, industry-relevant and highly specific. These articles will include data, which will be presented in the form of text as well as visualizations. Data visualizations can include any and all of the following: infographics, charts, graphs, and possibly other semiotic forms. Articles will be 4-12 pages long, depending on the topic, and will have anywhere from 2000 to 6000 (or possibly even more) words.


Graphic Design, Market Research, Content Marketing


Copy Writers/Editors, General Business, Marketing

Written by odhwp