The Family History Department of the LDS Church is looking for a Video Content/Technical Writer paid Intern to work part time at 20 hours per week in Salt Lake City.


The primary focus of this position is to assist in the creation of context sensitive help information on This will be accomplished by delving into unfamiliar, complex technical issues and then creating user friendly procedures and explanations that help others succeed in taking appropriate actions.

This position will be responsible for creating help related content and ensuring that help and training content for meets user needs by being easy to understand, accurate, complete, and appropriate. This position is also responsible for writing learning content in many forms, including knowledgebase articles, in context help, blog articles, e learning modules, and emails.


Experience with motion graphics software, video editing, and screencasts

An understanding of resolutions, aspect ratios, frame rates, and color spaces.

A working knowledge of file formats and encoding.

Basic understanding of how websites work

Ability to assess user needs and perform user testing

Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication

Strong writing skills

Ability to audit content created by others for accuracy, clarity, and compliance to templates and style guides

Ability to optimize content for search engines, using title tags, keywords, and meta data descriptions.

Ideal candidates will be able to work across multiple teams with minimal direction, be self motivated, adaptive, resourceful, and be familiar with the website.

As an intern this position offers you real work experience and transferable skills working on a high volume website having your work published online to thousands of FamilySearch patrons and viewable by future employers. You will gain practical experience working alongside experienced employees on the FamilySearch team, which will help you build your professional portfolio.

Paid Interns are qualified while enrolled in an educational institution and for one year following graduation a Paid Internship Engagement Letter must be signed.

Worthiness Qualification

Must be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and currently temple worthy.

Written by odhwp