Nadia Khristean Music is an LLC that market specific causes such as Anti-Bullying, Women & Inner Beauty, Addiction Recovery, Families of Fallen Soldiers, etc. through using Music Videos and Social Media Marketing ran by Youtuber, Singer/Songwriter, and Public Speaker, Nadia Khristean.

Nadia Khristean’s main goal as a Youtuber, Singer/Songwriter and Public Speaker is to market causes as a Social Media Influencer. She is looking for an enthusiastic team who enjoy working to serve others through using the gifts they have to offer.

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Nadia Khristean is looking for an enthusiastic & determined team to complete the following:

Public Relations:

-Create and keep relationship with organizations that the company is promoting

-Market the music video towards organizations who are promoting the same cause

-Run upcoming public speaking and performing events for Nadia Khristean (i.e.: Anti-Bullying School Assemblies, Charity events, Benefit Concerts etc.) (If monetary gain is received for specific events, there will be a commission that the intern can earn if he/she found and booked the event.)

-Create relationships with Sponsors of Nadia Khristean Music for funding of future projects (If direct monetary sponsorship is received, there will be a commission that the intern can earn for his/her work.)

Social Media Marketing:

-Market Music Videos and other creator content towards the appropriate audiences for each cause (bullying victims, addicts in recovery, families of fallen soldiers, etc.)

-Run Nadia Khristean Social media pages (i.e.: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) using “Hootsuite”, and other marketing tools

-Use “Mail Chimp” to create weekly emails to market creator content causes

-Run “Tube Assist” to create reports on the growth of the YouTube Channel

-Run Nadia Khristean’s official website with updates

-Run Nadia Khristean’s Patreon page for content funding for each project (If the intern obtains any additional sponsors on Patreon, there will be a commission that can be earned for his/her work.)

Graphic Designer/Videographer & Assistant Director:

-Edit Nadia’s Vlog’s and other projects for her channel

-Assist Nadia in creating shot lists for her music videos

-Scout out locations and acquire permission for shooting in selected locations for video shoots

-Help recruit community and actors for video shoots

-Be a part of selected music video shoots as assistant director, learning from a Professional Videographer, obtaining behind the scenes footage

-Create cover art for Nadia Khristean Music for iTunes and other Social Media Marketing Usage for live projects

-Design upcoming project banners and pictures to market towards specific audiences

-Work with Social Media Marketer to design parts of Nadia Khristean’s Website for upcoming projects

Personal Assistance:

-Represent Nadia in going to several Digital marketing and Youtuber meet up’s with Nadia when asked

-Help set up Studio time and Music Video Shoots with Producers, Engineers and Videographers

-Assist Nadia in reaching out to other Youtubers (such as Maddie Wilson, Stuart Edge, David Archuleta, etc.) to plan collaborations for upcoming projects

PR & Recreational Management:

-Run Nadia Khristean’s Patreon page for content funding for each project

-Run & Organize upcoming events with Assemblies, Ceremonies, Programs and Activities for Nadia Khristean

-Assist the Assistant Director for obtaining Locations and recruiting people for Music Video Shoots

-Create relationships with Outside Sponsors of Nadia Khristean Music for funding of future projects


-Obtain 15 Events Public Speaking and/or Performance Concert for Nadia Khristean

-Increase Social Media following by 100% in Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

-Assist in releasing 15 youtube videos onto the channel

-Collaborate with 7 other Youtube Artists


Send your resume to Resumes will be reviewed today and interviews start tomorrow, August 17. More interviews will be held on the first week of September, so act quickly!


Nadia Khristean
Twitter: @nadiakhristean
FB:  Nadia Khristean
Insta: @nadiakhristean

Written by odhwp