Winter Internship


Christensen & Hymas is once again offering a competitive set of internships for 4 qualified individuals.


Content Marketing Internship


Do you love writing, coming up with creative ways to reach people, and working with blogs, social media, and much more? Are you looking to build your resume with real-world experience and on the job training? If you have a knack for great writing and want to let your creativity lfow, then this internship is right for you.


This position will allow you to gain experience writing and creating content in a business setting. You will work closely with the our Marketing Team to create blog entries, infographics, and webpages as well as compose daily blog entries for the firms’ websites. Creating and editing various other pieces of content for the firm’s print and digital media will also be expected. Our objective is to form a professional relationship where we can help each other achieve our goals.


This position will begin January 11 and extend for approximately 4 months. You will be expected to complete an average of 15 hours per week (a portion of your hours may be completed remotely).




Develop and execute ideas, strategies, and campaigns for all of the channels through which our firms do their marketing.

Contribute to content for the firm’s websites and blogs.

Create articles and other content for the firm’s newsletter.

Brainstorm and write for blog entries, infographics, and other web pages.

Develop social media strategies and draft posts for Facebook, Instagram, and much more.

Other duties as assigned.




Junior, senior or recent graduate in English, Humanities, Business, Communications (or other applicable major)


Learning Objectives:


  • As an intern, you will learn the best practices for various marketing techniques in the current industry landscape
  • As an intern, you will develop the ability to analyze a specific target audience, identify needs, and contribute to a campaign to address those needs, leading to a specific action by the audience
  • As an intern, you will learn valuable skills and conduct for a professional setting, including communication skills, task and project management, reporting, and prioritizing.



$1000.00 stipend

Up to $800.00 tuition reimbursement for qualified credits


How to Apply:


Please submit the following via the application form at:

  • Résumé
  • Cover letter
  • References
  • 2 writing samples of varying styles

Written by odhwp