peer60 is a local company that publishes healtcare industry reports. They’re looking for a  number of interns, including an Industry Report Researcher/Writer/Editor. I’ll let the rest of the post speak for itself:


Industry Report Researcher/Writer/Editor Internship:


Wanted: A smart writer with an edgy, conversational writing style who can assist in researching, writing and editing healthcare industry reports.

Bounty: $12 per hour

When: Work Monday-Friday (choose between 15-30 hours per week)

Inquiries: Email your credentials to Chris Jensen

Deadline: We never stop looking for raw talent

Start Date: Ready, set, go!

End Date: We’ll consider medium and long term interns (6 months+)


You’ll assist with the following:


  • Edgy, conversational or disruptive writing. We’re reinventing how healthcare industry reports are written to remove the “yawn” factor. We’ll also be moving our research and industry report writing to other verticals in the near future. Your contributions to this new writing format will be a big resume builder.
  • While you’ll be focusing on industry report research, writing and editing, if you have other skills and interests, let us know. We’re open to diversifying your role.


What’s in your toolbox?


  • Requirement: Your class schedule must allow you to consistently work at least 3 hours per day Mon-Fri. We’re flexible with school projects, family trips, etc.
  • While we prefer juniors and seniors for our internship positions, impress us and we’ll hire you. One of our best and most recent interns started before applying to her major.
  • We’re always looking for solid writers, but as mentioned you’re style needs to be conversational, entertaining and/or disruptive.
  • Do you consider yourself a grammar Nazi? Attention to detail is an attribute we respect.
  • We welcome creative thinkers who have enough curiosity to challenge our current strategies. We love being proven wrong (even by interns) when better results follow.
  • Do you have other relevant skills? We have not doubt, you’ll let us know.


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Written by odhwp